How CBD can improve your sex life

Better sex life is linked to proper blood flow, reduced stress levels, balanced hormones, and pain alleviation.

According to experts, abnormalities in these regions might impair our performance in bed and reduce our overall satisfaction with sex.

In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about how CBD affects your body, and how it can improve your sex life.

Let’s begin.


Reducing pain


One of the most well-known uses of CBD is as an analgesic, or pain reliever.

And when it comes to sex, this is a significant concern for many women.

According to some estimates, dyspareunia (a blanket word for conditions that lead to painful sex) is a barrier that prevents up to 40% of women from enjoying or even experiencing closeness and pleasure.

This is most likely due to CBD's well-known anti-inflammatory and muscle-relaxing qualities (less pain, inflammation, and tension would all contribute toward alleviating dyspareunia).


Boosting orgasms


People can enjoy sex and have the higher pleasure once the discomfort is reduced, whether it's during penetrative sex or masturbation.

When the body and mind are relaxed, the pleasure of exploring yourself or foreplay can be enhanced.

A study published in 2019 found that cannabis extracts aided in the intensification of orgasms.

CBD is a vasodilator, meaning it relaxes blood vessel muscles, allowing more blood to flow to the sexual organs and increasing nerve feeling.


Increased arousal

Having trouble getting in the mood? If you're anxious, it's unlikely that you'll be able to concentrate in the bedroom.

Cortisol, a stress hormone found primarily in women, has been linked to a lack of libido in studies.

CBD lowers cortisol levels by activating the parasympathetic nervous system and producing serotonin, allowing you to relax and become more sensually sensitive.

The blood will flow more easily if you relax your pelvic floor and remove any tension in your body.

As a result, you will feel more arousal and pleasure.


Relieving anxiety


There is such a thing as sexual anxiety.

It's common to feel like you need to turn off the lights and wait until it's dark outside before letting someone see you naked, whether you're worried about your appearance or have sexual performance anxiety.

Sex, on the other hand, isn't a chore; it's a mental as well as a physical experience.

CBD is well-known for lowering stress, anxiety, and the negative effects of mental illnesses.

It has been shown to alleviate anxiety symptoms by assisting in the generation of Anandamide, also known as the "bliss" molecule.


Erectile disfunction


Despite being a taboo subject, erectile dysfunction (ED) affects up to one in every five men.

Because CBD has been shown to increase libido and reduce anxiety, practitioners believe it may help blood vessels relax enough to increase blood flow in the penis and prolong sex.


Pick a quality CBD product


Don't just pick any CBD product. Before purchasing a product, read reviews and ensure that it has been verified.

You should also be aware that CBD can be derived from hemp or marijuana, and that CBD products derived from marijuana contain THC.

The two cannabinoids work best together, resulting in what experts refer to as an "entourage effect."

Furthermore, while both hemp and marijuana are cannabis plants, their THC content differs.

To be legal at the federal level, CBD Oil must contain less than 0.3% THC. Marijuana has a higher THC concentration.


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