How adjusting the dosage helped Ashley reduce anxiety?

Dosing is the key to using CBD oil.

You can buy the highest quality CBD oil in the world with the highest percentage, but if you haven't found your sweet spot, there is still a possibility that there will be no effects. 

In this blog post, we are going to talk about an example of how adjusting the dosage in order to find the right one helped our client reduce anxiety. 

Let's start!


One of our clients, Ashley, had a problem with anxiety throughout the day.

She had regulated sleep and had NO trouble falling asleep.

She contacted us because she wanted to alleviate anxiety attacks and feel more relaxed (it is important to note that she has never tried CBD oil before).

She consulted with us, and we recommended her 50mg as a daily dose to start with, 25mg in the morning and 25mg in the evening.

She contacted us in 7 days, as we had agreed, and said that her anxiety was reduced by 90%, but that she had strange and unpleasant dreams.

Then we adjusted the dosage and told her to take the whole dose in the morning and to skip the evening dose.

The next day she told us that she hadn't felt so rested and relaxed in a long time.

Her mood and focus improved a lot during the day.

From this example, you can see how important consultation is.

If it weren't for us to consult Ashley at that moment, she would probably give up CBD oil and have a negative opinion.

Schedule your consultation with Gramina's CBD expert

Gramina team is at your disposal during the entire journey.

The dose varies from person to person, as does the dosing time.

So make an appointment today and determine which dose suits you, get rid of that damn anxiety, and reach your maximum potential.

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