How to choose the right CBD oil for youself?

Not all CBD is created equal.

With so many different types of CBD on the market, make us more confused and giving us hard time to choose the best option.

Understanding the difference between the three major types of CBD is a major step on your CBD journey. Knowing the difference between isolate, pure CBD oil, broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD will help you make a more educated decision on which CBD products will best suit your needs.

This article will cover the extraction process, concerns about drug testing, the entourage effect, and the benefits of whole plant medicine.


CBD isolate and pure CBD oil

 CBD isolate

CBD Isolate is the CBD product of choice for those who are sensitive to other cannabinoids such as THC. Isolates are just that – CBD isolated from all other cannabinoids. During the CBD isolate extraction process, everything contained in the plant matter removes, including any traces of THC, other cannabinoids, waxes, terpenes, oils, chlorophyll and more. What’s left is 99 + % pure CBD. It’s very important to verify purity of isolate. Isolate looks as powder, and from that you get pure CBD oil. That is always the best choice if do a sport or work for some company who does drug test often.

Pure CBD oil

Broad spectrum CBD oil

Broad spectrum CBD oil

Broad sprectrum CBD contains an array of cannabinoids, terpenes but zero THC. It is Full spectrum oil without THC. To create Broad Spectrum CBD oil, it goes through additional processing to isolate and remove as much trace amounts of THC possible while preserving the other natural cannabinoids and terpenes. Broad sprectrum CBD is an excellent choice for individuals that can not have any traces of THC in their system, whether for medical, personal or legal reasons.


Full spectrum CBD oil

 Full spectrum CBD oil

Full spectrum CBD oil contains everything that cannabis plant contains. It presents a full profile of beneficial cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, terpenes, flavonoids, the naturally fatty acids found in hemp. Full spectrum will contain trace amounts of THC, but not enough to get you „high“. All these naturally – occurring elements have their own therapeutic value. One reason for popularity of Full spectrum oil is the „entourage effect“. This is effect of cannabinoids and terpenes are working together in perfect synergy.

How to choose the right CBD oil for youself?

 How to choose the right CBD oul for yourself?


If passing a drug test is a top priority for you, CBD isolate is your safest bet.

CBD isolate will not produce the entourage effect, and it may be trickier to find your most effective dosage with isolate.

In fact, Canadian researchers found that CBD isolate has a minimum and maximum threshold of effectiveness. This means you must take a certain amount (minimum threshold) for it to be effective, and there’s a limit of what you can consume in a day (maximum threshold), before the beneficial effects rapidly wear off.

They found that full spectrum CBD did not show the same minimum and maximum threshold of effectiveness.

Because the whole plant is being used, the entourage effect in full spectrum CBD creates a more effective, therapeutic product.


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