Should we buy CBD oil on Amazon?

CBD word become trend. Industries as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics love using word CBD. Many of manufacturers think if they write CBD on the label, can raise the price of their product. That is why I am writing this blog, I want you to learn how to read label, how to recognize are products worth that money, you buying for.

Many of you already know what is CBD, but let’s get quick overview here.

CBD is natural non – intoxicating compound found in Cannabis. Cannabis has two species: HEMP and MARIJUANA. Main difference between hemp and marijuana are percentage of THC. Hemp contains less than 0.3% of THC (psychoactive compound) which makes this plant legal. That is not a case with marijuana. Both, CBD and THC are phytocannabinoids and have beneficial effects on our body, but CBD doesn’t get you high and THC gets you high. The amount of THC in hemp, less than 0.3% is really small amount and can not get you high in any way, but it’s really important for us, you can read here why.

CBD oil instantly become very famous, because of all the benefits that researches and manufacturers, as well as thousands of users, have associated with. However, the benefits can be fully realized only using high – quality CBD products. In this article, we are going to find out how to recognize high – quality CBD products, and where to find them generally.

Read more what does CBD do here.

Can I find CBD oil on Amazon?

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer; it makes sense that users looking to get the best CBD oil products would turn to Amazon. Unfortunately, in the case of CBD oil, this is the worst idea ever. You would understand why in a moment.

If you type CBD oil in Amazon’s search box, it will show up a thousands of products, but none of them that you are looking for. Unless, you search for HEMP OIL, what you can add to you food to complete your meal with nutrients. If not, you need to look for CBD oil on other places.


You see, Amazon has this policy called the “Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia.” What this policy does is ensure that sellers on the platform do not sell drugs with the use of the platform due to so many concerns of substance abuse and drug control.

It turns out according to the Drugs & drug paraphernalia page,

“Drug listings must not be for schedule I controlled substances or products containing controlled substances, such as:

  • Hemp products containing Resin or Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
  • Hemp (or any Cannabis Sativa spp. strain) seeds capable of germination.

The above excerpt from Amazon’s policy page means that no product with actual CBD oil in it can be sold on Amazon. Therefore, no product listed on Amazon would have the word CBD on its label.

Hemp seed oil or CBD oil: what is the difference?

Hemp oil is made when hemp seeds are pressed. Its called cold pressed hemp seed oil. Hemp seeds doesn’t contain CBD, therefore, Hemp oil doesn’t include CBD. Hemp seed oil has other benefits for us, but if you look for CBD, hemp oil is not what you need.

CBD is extracted from leaves and flowers of hemp. Extracting CBD form hemp, we get really small amount of CBD of huge hemp biomass. In manufacturing, CBD is combined with other oil, such as olive oil, hemp oil, coconut oil, mct oil.

What to look for when buying CBD oil?



When we buy CBD oil, it is very important to read label, and see how many milligram of CBD manufacturer place in the bottle.

Product with a tag „Hemp oil“ wants to confuse you, and write on a label „100.000mg hemp extract“. You can immidiatelly say that is not CBD oil especially if product worth $20.


On the other hand, there are a lot of CBD products with less then 1.500mg of CBD in 1oz bottle. That is also very small amount, that can not really help. You need to look for product to contain at least 1.500mg to 6.000mg in 1oz.

Foe example, you are going to spend less money, but does it can help you with symptoms?

Gramina CBD oil contains 6 times more CBD extract, and it's only 2x more expensive, not 6x. You need to understand how to read label, before first CBD purchase, don't spend money on something that not gonna work for you.










Typically, because it is quite expensive to extract CBD oil, and CBD oil is usually effective in small concentrations, the bottle for CBD oils are generally pretty small. Also, as a means to measure doses, CBD oil comes in small bottles with droppers in them. CBD oil bottles are very similar to those of essential oils.

Hemp oil, however, can come in larger bottles as it is cheaper to extract. The bottles of hemp oil can contain from 4 to 24 ounces the oil. Also, a dropper is not usually a necessary part of the bottle since dosing is not essential for using hemp oil.

2. Hemp extract on a label

As a way to go around selling CBD oil on Amazon without violating Amazon’s Drugs & drug paraphernalia policy, CBD companies refer to their CBD oil products as “hemp extract.”

While this is a good way for CBD companies to sell their products on Amazon without getting banned, it is also a good way for Hemp oil manufacturers to sell their products on Amazon while labeling it as hemp extract. There is no real way for you as a buyer to tell the difference.

Seeing hemp extract on the label of the product you are buying as well as among the active ingredients, increases your chances of buying CBD oil on Amazon. However, if you see the words hemp seed or hemp seed oil on the label, then the product is not CBD oil.

3. Which CBD oil is right for me?

There are different kinds of CBD oil on the market – Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and Pure CBD oil. We made a special article how to choose the right CBD oil for yourself.

4. Communicate with sellers









We suggest you to communicate with CBD sellers. If they are qualified they must have COA of the product. They must provide you with third-party lab test. Ask for it and check how many cannabionds are in the product.









In Summary, we recommend to see CBD manufacturer website to purchase high-quality products. On that kind of website, you don’t even need to request COA, it’s transported on the product feature. If the product has more than one cannabinoid, such as CBG, CBN, CBC, CBL, it guarantees the best quality!


Gramina CBD oil contains:

- 3000+ mg of CBD
- 90+ mg of CBG
- 90+ mg of CBN
- 60 mg of CBC
- 150 mg of CBDA
- 27 mg of THC - less than 0,3% of THC
All of that includes 30ml (1oz) bottle.

Every single Gramina bottle has scannable QR code, therefore, you can check COA of CBD oil you bought.




Also, our advice is to use tincture, without any additional flavors, because many of other CBD products, such as gummies, mints, other CBD oil contains artificial flavors and sugar. Try to skip that, and choose natural CBD oil with high potency.


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