What can you expect from your consultation with a CBD expert?

Not all CBD oils are the same.

Every CBD oil is different, and that is why it is essential that whoever you consult with produces that CBD oil because the person should know what is inside and what effect it has.

Dosing is the key to using CBD oil.

You can buy the highest quality CBD oil in the world with the highest percentage, but if you haven't found your sweet spot, there is still a possibility that there will be no effects.

That’s why our team is equipped with certified CBD experts. We offer you unlimited free dosage support

Read this blog to find out what a dosing consultation with our CBD expert looks like and what benefits you can get from it.



What does a dosing consultation look like?

Consultations can be by phone, Zoom, or email

Whatever works for you best, you choose.

Consultations are free, and you do not need to buy CBD oil first to get advice.

You can schedule your consultation here

At the consultation, I will ask you a few questions to find out some basic things about you, so I can recommend the right dose of CBD oil for you that will have the most effective results.

The questions are:

1. Have you ever tried cannabis or CBD, and what is the experience like?

2. Why did you decide to try CBD?

3. What is your approximate body weight?

4. What goal do you want to achieve by using CBD oil?

5. Are you more of a morning or night bird?


Based on your answers, I am prescribing you the dose that best suits your needs.

I always recommend that we stay in touch so we can adjust the dose if necessary.

As I already mentioned, consultations are free and unlimited, so you can contact me whenever you need some adjustments or advice. 

Why is it important that you talk with a CBD expert?


Your CBD Specialist is here to help and educate you, not to sell

The CBD experts at Gramina are here to help you get the most out of your CBD journey. 

The point of our consultations is not to make sales but to truly educate and help you.

We have no other motive than to assist you in developing a routine that will make you feel your best and allow you to reach your full potential.  

Get answers to all your questions


At our consultation, you are free to ask any questions about CBD. 

This is a great chance to learn more about this magical plant and its benefits. 

We encourage our clients to ask questions. We love it when we’re able to share our knowledge and experience. 

Even if you don’t know anything about CBD, don’t worry because Gramina’s experts are here for you. 


Available information

Some people like to get some information about CBD before the consultation. 

If you are the type of person who likes to be prepared, you can take a look at CBD Basics on our website. 

You can also read our Blog posts.

You can find a lot of information about CBD and prepare your questions for our consultation.

Or you can come completely unprepared, and we’ll teach you everything you need to know. 

CBD dosage support is unlimited 

The best part is that your consultations with a certified CBD expert at Gramina are unlimited!

You can schedule your consultation via phone, Zoom, or email, and contact us whenever you want.

We are always here for all your questions and look forward to helping and educating you. 

The Bottom Line

Gramina is here to help you along your CBD journey.

We want to assist you in creating a healthy routine that will improve your overall wellbeing and allow you to reach your full potential!

Are you ready to connect with your CBD expert?

Schedule your consultation here.

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