Women in Business

Since the 1940s, women have been playing an increasingly more significant role in the world of business. These days, women have practically equal footing to men when it comes to business, and there are a large number of female company owners and bosses.

Business Women's Day is about honoring the increasing role that women have to play in the world of business today. While there is still some work that needs to be done for women to have a level playing field in all industries across the globe, there is no denying that great leaps have been taken.

This date is the perfect opportunity to acknowledge those strides and pay tribute to those that have had a massive role in making them.

In honor of National Business Women's Day, celebrated today, we wanted to share a story of how we started Gramina, a women-owned business.

Our Beginning 


My Mom and I started Gramina Brand seven years ago in Serbia, where Hemp was exclusively used for rope production and animal bedding.

Our first product was Hemp Seed Oil, not CBD Oil, and we didn't sell one single bottle for the first two years.

We added CBD Oil later on, and since then, we have been labeled as 'drug dealers' in Serbia.

We went through a lot after that, issues with the government, inspection, fake investors, frauds, threats... all with no profit or minimal profit.

However, you don't care about profit when passion is what is driving you to establish and maintain a business, and not money.

What drives us is our belief in Cannabis plant and seeing how our products have changed the lives of thousands of people.

Gramina Today

Gramina has established partnerships with the best growers and manufacturers of hemp-derived phytocannabinoids in the USA and Serbia.

In Serbia, we own a HEMP farm and produce all of these hemp products that you can find in our shop!

Every product developed by Gramina starts with our natural proprietary hemp strains high in CBD.

That is why we will never change our policy. We will stick to all-natural products, least processed, as close to the plant as possible, with no added sugars, flavors, or additives.

Today, Gramina is proud to say that it has more than 30 products and 10 employees, and we continue to grow.

Push through barriers into male-dominated work spaces like business, and support other women in the same field by sharing your stories and lending your support. Happy Business Women's Day!

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