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This bundle is ideal for you if you need a REFRESHMENT in the middle of a busy day.

You have more tasks on your to-do list. You're only in the middle of it, and you already feel tired?

This package is a true refreshment.

People are not machines that can work without a break. So take a break, use these products and return that creative energy flow to your body.

These alpha waves ripple through our brains while we daydream, meditate or practice introspection. By turning our attention inward, we're able to make insightful connections that can spark creative thoughts. Taking a shower encourages the relaxed headspace needed to stimulate creativity.

Now look at this statistic - 72% of people experience new ideas in the shower.

Shampoo and conditioner are an ideal combination for a short break in the shower.

The water is warm so you can't feel the difference between your skin and the air,” says Kounios. “This sensory restriction is like an extended brain blink. You cut out the outside world and ideas bubble up into awareness.” So, next time you're stuck on a problem, try taking a break and letting your mind wander, especially in this combination with CBD; your body will relax even more.

The toothpaste in this combination additionally refreshes your body. This toothpaste is free of abrasives and fluoride, so it naturally provides the freshness your body needs at that moment.

1500mg CBD oil is perfect for quick recovery. A small dose of CBD oil before showering can help you refresh your mind and stimulate new creativity.


    Just like NEW Bundle includes:

    Hemp Oil Shampoo with CBD

    • Specially formulated with a unique mixture of HEMP, CBD, Argan oil, and other essential oils

    • Cleanses scalp and hair gently but effectively

    • Prolongs color and adds shine

    Hemp Conditioner with CBD

    • Contains Vitamin E and stimulates hair growth

    • Prevents hair loss by stimulating capillaries and improving circulation

    • Strengthens hair and reduces breakage

    Hemp Toothpaste with CBD

    • Fluoride-free, paraben-free, vegan & cruelty-free

    • No harsh foaming agents (SLS & sulfate-free)

    • Strengthens enamel and fights cavities

    0.5oz. CBD Oil

    • Whole plant hemp oil extract (commonly referred to as “Full Spectrum”)

    • 100% Natural

    • Formulated to be sublingual (applied under the tongue).

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    Each person has different needs, so the dosage differs.

    We're here to help you throughout your CBD journey, and our team is always available for your questions and find the dose that is right just for you.

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